So Far, So Good

Born in Chicago – delivered by a doctor wearing a bowling shirt

Dad brings home, Irving, my yellow Amazon parrot

Discover Charlotte’s Web

Uncle Herb & Aunt Penny give me my first camera: a Kodak Brownie 620

Discover Margaret Bourke White, Dorthea Lange & Life Magazine (clichéd I know)

Dad enforces strict rationing of printing and processing at the corner drug store

Discover Amelia Earhart, Beryl Markham and Issac Dineson

Rescued from original Breakfast Club by David Curry, my high school photography teacher

Embark on waitressing career to finance art supplies

Discover O’Keeffe and Steiglitz

Win cover of my high school arts journal

Irving escapes; found in neighbor’s garage

Leave high school in January for first overseas adventure

University major in outdoor activities and mountain sports

Enroll at R.I.T. to study practical things: glass blowing, paper making & graduate studies in waitressing

Discover Lee Miller, Diane Arbus and Frida Kahlo

Summer Fellowship at Penland, North Carolina

Move to wood-stove-heated farmhouse in Vermont for a teaching fellowship at Goddard College

Move to New York for freelance magazine jobs, spot illustrations and collages for Conde’ Nast

Perfected waitressing skills at various Manhattan establishments

Kerig Pope hires me for men’s fashion pages at Playboy Magazine

Grandma Bell brags about granddaughter featured in Playboy Magazine

Group show at Zolla/Lieberman Gallery

Crate & Barrel, McDonalds, Procter & Gamble, Sara Lee, New York Times…

More travel

Build studio in an old Chicago laundry building

Featured as “Up & Comer” in Art Direction Magazine

Official retirement from waitressing career

More travel

Meet man of my dreams

Discover Nepal

Join Mayhew Productions, New York to make television commercials

Favorite subject is born, he adapts easily to airplane travel

Irving dies of jealousy

Discover Southeast Asia working for Kodak

Workshops for Kodak, APA, Santa Fe Photo Workshop, Polaroid

Target, Neiman Marcus, Home Depot, Kraft Foods, Ralston Purina…

Join The Story Company to make television commercials

Featured In Graphis & Communication Arts

Group show, Carrie Secrist Gallery

Television commercials for May Company in Amsterdam and Cape Town

Chicago Project, Catherine Edleman Gallery

Kellogs, Quaker, Alberto Culver, Ace Hardware, Lowes, General Mills…

Solo show at Judy Saslow Gallery

Join the Expedition in Search of Amelia Earhart to Nikumaroro

Solo show at Libreria Galleria Il Museo del Louvre, Rome

Return to Nikumaroro for another look