Nature Series

I amassed my copious driftwood collection over 5 years by gathering a bundle of perfect specimens from the same beach in Mexico while on vacation. With every return home, suspicious Customs Agents conducted lengthy investigations of my swag — much to the irritation of my family. However, the inconvenience was worth it.  Once I arranged the driftwood into various glass vessels and bell jars, it seemed to come to life in front of my camera.

Several years ago, I spotted these nests while driving through the countryside of Northern India and instantly fell in love with their amusing shapes. At first, I thought they were some kind of oddly formed gourd and then the trees started to look like they were festooned with drying socks. I later learned that the male weaver bird builds his nest during mating season in order to attract a female. She looks for a nest that is structurally sound and high enough to be out of the reach of predators. My Indian guides teased me mercilessly as I went to great pains to collect and pack these nests to take home.