Hunter S. Thompson Bullet

Hunter Feature Final

Hunter S. Thompson had been extremely elusive.  My CBS News “West 57th” producer had tried for more than a year to get him to sit down for an interview for a feature on the 25th anniversary of Rolling Stone Magazine. Thompson would agree, then cancel, agree and cancel yet again.  Finally, he invited us to visit his home in Woody Creek, Colorado.

When our crew arrived, Hunter in shorts and T-shirt was carrying two handguns. He said “hello” and announced, “I’ll only do the interview if this kid comes out to the field with me to do some shooting.” Anything for a story.

So off we go to the back of his house, to a large, empty parcel of land. We took turns shooting at the fence in the distance. I had never fired a gun before.  It was loud and rocked my arm backwards each time I fired.  We finally got our interview.  – Bob Sirott