Bibliophilia Series

My book collecting habit began in childhood, driven by the goal to complete the entire set of Nancy Drew hard covers and the delight found in fancy boxed gift sets by favorite authors. I continue to acquire books not only for their content or prose, but also for their sensual and aesthetic qualities. My current collection includes other people’s diaries, scrapbooks, sketchbooks and photo albums. I am drawn to books that reveal a stranger’s experiences and memories; sometimes it is simply the handwriting or compulsive list making.  Many of the books and albums contain collections of ephemera that reveal a lifetime of stories. These books often provide a glimpse in to the life of another person and another time. Nowadays, relocating and dodging piles of books is a daily domestic occurrence, one that my family has grown comfortably accustomed to. Some of the images in The Bibliophilia Series are an exploration of relationships between these piles of books. The arrangements are intended to spark recognition, ignite memory or invoke a presence. Some compositions are designed solely to celebrate the books’ sculptural qualities, never quite revealing their original purpose. Other times the narrative, such as  “French Guidebooks” or “Summer Reading,” groups a collection, where once the books are shelved these relationships are broken.